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Who we are
A partner, not a product.

Arnold & Neely proudly puts the needs of our clients first and approaches each service from the point of view of our partners. We are here to help your business operate at full speed and an optimum level. Lean on us to handle the financial intricacies that you don't have time for, and frankly, shouldn't have to worry about. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we are a 100 percent HIPPA compliant business that maintains a level of professionalism and quality that differentiates us from the fray. Arnold & Neely also maintains a risk adverse approach to accounts receivables and maintains a robust compliance management system to further support this claim. Arnold & Neely are proud HFMA members.

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The faces behind our name

Arnold & Neely is a Texas-based company comprised of dedicated, hardworking individuals committed to the success of our clients. We are passionate about the dynamic services we provide, and the ease we bring to our clients.

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    Keith Burkett

    Keith Burkett is Co-Founder and CEO of Arnold & Neely, LLC. An accomplished executive and entrepreneur, Keith has over 25 years’ experience creating and operating successful companies including the last 12 years in the collection space. Prior to co-founding Arnold & Neely, Keith was a principal in an agency focused on collections in the home security industry. Keith believes strongly in creating a top down corporate value culture centered around accountability, authenticity, respect, mutual trust and transparent communication. By placing Arnold & Neely on a foundation built from these principals, the company is able to attract team members and customers that share our values while working together towards a common purpose.

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    Sean Atwood

    President and Co-Founder of Arnold & Neely and longtime successful entrepreneur, Sean Atwood has started, operated, and sold numerous business ventures over the last couple of decades. Sean first got into collections back in 2000 and by 2008 he owned his own agency. Now wholly dedicated to Arnold & Neely, Sean continues to use his entrepreneurial ingenuity to find unique solutions to assist his clients in finding innovative solutions to resolve their accounts receivable needs. “If you’re not looking for new ideas and approaches to continually remake your business you’re probably losing ground in your market. Sometimes a view from a different lens can help you see where change needs to happen. That’s what I try to bring to every client / vender relationship.”

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    Roy N. Jones

    As the COO of Arnold & Neely, an industry leader in accounts receivable management, Roy Jones is responsible for running all facets of the organization. Roy, a former Marine, has a proven executive management track record and over 30 years of credit and collections experience. As a turnaround expert, Roy has been instrumental in leading organizations to success through ethical and transparent initiatives. “Growth is accomplished by building trust first. Your employees, clients, vendors and even industry peers have to trust you. No one does it on their own.”

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